holistic nutrition consultation

Holistic nutrition is a natural approach at developing a healthier balanced lifestyle while taking the whole person into account. We believe you need a certain balance of macro nutrients - protein, fat and carbohyrdrates, and micronutrients - vitamins and minerals, and other determined factors to reach our maximum potential.

I share my knowledge of nutrition in the daily running of the salon to help people improve skin conditions, topics on anti ageing nutrition, weight loss, improved energy, to help lower cholesterol, IBS, Arthritic pain and other specific health concerns.

Our holistic nutrition consultation is a detailed programme focused on the changes you can make to improve your health. We look at your past and family history, give you daily meal plans and if we feel you are lacking in nutrients we recommend products from our clinical nutrition range available on line and in the salon.

Full nutritional consultation - €85 One hour plus a follow up session
Half hour consultation - €50 plus a follow up session

For more information on the nutrition range we supply, click on the 'SHOP' link above. For further information call the salon on 01 2056709 or email erica@peacheslime.ie

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