May 3, 2018

Review: The Ultimate Cruelty Free Facial

Erica’s expertise and Vilma’s technique combined provided a truly rejuvinating and relaxing experience.

This week we had a pleasure to meet with Ailsha Davey, Ireland's cruelty-free beauty expert who is also known as the heart & soul behind the Flawless and Pawless - Ireland’s premier cruelty-free cosmetic site. Ailsha's experience working in the beauty industry in Dublin as a professional make-up artist and cosmetic expert, made her discover some of the horrors of cosmetic animal testing, as well as the lack of knowledge within the Irish market about it, so the goal of her website is to provide the Irish market with cruelty-free as well as vegan alternatives to their favourite cosmetic products, in attempt to make Ireland a cruelty-free country.

We strongly support the use of cruelty-free and organic beauty products in salon so we though it would be great to invite Ailsha to experience one of our facial treatments and here is what she thought about it:

Literally a stone’s throw away from my home, I was delighted to discover the variety of cruelty-free treatments that this gem of a salon provides. Not only this, but the salon ensures that all of the brands that they use are 100% organic, so you can feel assured that they are actually good for you! Erica ensures that all of the cosmetics used are not only organic, but are preservative and toxin-free, making her salon a revolutionary experience for her clients.
I was invited to try the Phyt’s Discovery Facial. Phyt’s 100% Organic Skincare is an all-in-one brand that tackles all skin concerns conscientiously. The cruelty-free formulas are enriched with essential oils, herbs, vegetal oils and are naturally high in minerals, vitamins and proteins to quench the skin’s thirst for balanced nutrition.
The treatment began with a luxurious Lemon cleanse. The cleanser glided smoothly across my face and neck, and Erica made sure to also give my decolletage area and shoulders some love, too. While all of the grime and dirt was cleansed from my skin, I had the pressure points on my feet massaged with oils by beauty therapist, Vilma. This was heaven already.
Once my skin was completely cleansed and all leftover residue was removed, Erica applied serum to any areas where whiteheads and blackheads peaked there heads out from. She then proceeded to extract these little nasties gently with a metal remover tool, which was thorough but not painful like those pimple poppers you buy in the local chemist. Once this was done, Erica smoothed a gorgeous ylang ylang exfoliator across my face, neck and decolletage area, scrubbing gently with long strokes to remove any dead skin cells and even out my skin tone.
Vilma moved on to massage my hands and arms, giving me a full-body experience. Erica removed the exfoliant from my skin and used a gorgeous toner to remove any residue, tighten and close the pores. She then performed a lymphatic drainage massage across my face, neck, shoulders and decolletage area, which sent my mind into a complete state of bliss.
The treatment finished with a hydrating and skin-balancing moisturiser, which absorbed so quickly and left my skin feeling divine. I could barely talk after the treatment as I was in such a daze- this is, for sure, the best facial I have ever had. Erica’s expertise and Vilma’s technique combined provided a truly rejuvinating and relaxing experience. What’s more, each product smelt and felt gorgeous, and the entire treatment was cruelty-free!

If you would like to read full review by Ailsha, you can do it here!

If you are interested in cruelty-free beauty and would like to know more about Ailsha and what she does, please visit her website:

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