October 4, 2018

PHYT'Skin Renov Facial Treatment

Improve your skin's appearance and reduce pigmentation, dehydration, dryness and fine lines by this natural and effective facial treatment.

Does your skin feel particularly dry, dehydrated, or dull with the change of season? If you feel your skin needs a little more TLC or if you feel when using your home care products it still feels dry and compromised, you would benefit greatly from the PHYT'S Rénov skin treatment.

The PHYT'S Rénov facial treatment, new to Peaches & Lime, is highly recommended for those seeking natural, non-invasive and deeply exfoliating facial.

What is PHYT'Skin Renov?

This deep exfoliating glycolic treatment has been developed by PHYT'S, one of the leading and best natural skincare brands. It combines 30% natural glycolic acid with a home care system for the best results for your skin.

It helps to reduce pigmentation, dehydration, dryness and fine lines by removing the build up of dead skin cells, improving cellular renewal and overall skin condition. Glycolic helps to stimulate collagen and elastin fibers, leaving your skin soft, smooth, radiant and even toned.

The homecare products that are recommended with the salon treatments contain small amount of glycolic, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, apricot oil and shea butter to renew, refresh and protect your complexion while also preparing you for the in salon treatments. They should be used 10 days prior the 1st treatment for better results. I would also recommend to use SPF 30 after any glycolic treatment.

Before and After

How often this treatment should be done?

A course of 4 treatments is recommended during the winter months, preferably between September and March, for you to get the best results. I would suggest 1 treatment every 7-10 days and once a month thereafter.

PHYT'S Renov product kit

Treatment costs

Please get in touch with me to receive details about the treatment costs: erica@peacheslime.ie or call: 01-2056709.

*Only in October* You can avail of 10% discount off the PHYT'Skin Renov treatment and retail products.

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