May 1, 2018

Bridal Beauty Blog #2 | Ann Smyth Weddings

Beauty and nutrition tips for brides-to-be on what should be done in the months leading to the Big day.

I am continuing my cooperation with Ann Smyth Weddings and my new Bridal Beauty blog has been just published. This time I have put together lots of really useful beauty and nutrition tips for brides-to-be on what should be done in the months leading to the Big day, so you would look and feel your best inside and out.

I would advise you strongly to prepare at least 4 months in advance for your big day.

‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ is a good motto in life I use for everything and it’s so true. This will help to keep you more relaxed, know that you are on top of everything, allow you to change appointments if need be, spend more time on you and on the list of other preparations you need to do for your day.

1. Concentrate on your diet and your skin

Concentrating on your diet where you consume a large quantity of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole raw plant based foods and smoothies is a must. I would advise to substitute tea and coffee for herbal tea - there is such a large choice so many to suit everybody. I would invest in a nutri bullet or another good quality fruit/veg/nut blender straight away. This will improve your skin at a deeper level which makes all the difference to photographs to give you the ultimate glow, help clear acne, sensitivity, dryness and hormonal balance. More importantly it makes you feel fantastic.

For skincare I will always advice to use natural ingredients such as plant and vitamin based antioxidants to balance, calm and hydrate the skin.

2. Salt scrubs

Salt scrubs are very effective to exfoliate dead skin for the body and balance your skin’s ph level. 

3. It’s all about the eyes

Be careful not to over do it. I would leave your eyes to the professionals. I wouldn’t over shape or tint the brows too dark. Brows balance your face and are the finished look, you don’t want to look at your face and look straight to your brows. My advice is to keep it natural - less is more.

4. Hair removal

For Hair removal I would recommend sugaring as a natural alternative. The results are more permanent than waxing, prevents and treats ingrown hairs, you can get treatments done in between laser treatments.

If you would like to read full blog post with more details, please visit Ann Smyth Weddings here!

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